About Us

Born out of an appreciation for discerning travellers requiring a specialised & sophisticated travel service, Island Escapes showcases what we believe to be the best of the South Pacific, for both the American and European market. Focusing on Honeymoons, Adventure Activities (Diving) and Wellness/Relaxation. After much research in the South Pacific and owning Global Dive in Auckland, New Zealand for the last 10 years www.globaldive.net we have sent both international and local clients to most area’s in the South Pacific – Our commitment is to give our clients the right experience.

We are here to let you escape to a experience that you may have long waited for, or returning to.  Island Escapes is an inbound wholesaler, part of the First Light Travel Group and for the past 10 years our full-service agency prides its-self on our fast service and innovative travel solutions.

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