Encounter a world as nature intended us to see, a place where some say 'time stands still'; this place is the Kingdom of Tonga. An archiapelao comprising of 170 islands, journey back in time to where there are no crowds, somewhere which feels undiscovered to our world today, that is not just rich in culture but in nature itself.

Galapagos Islands

With a wide diversity of unique flora and fauna, Galapagos Islands are also known as a “living museum and showcase of evolution’”. While exploring this wild place on land or during water-based activities you will get the chance to trace Charles Darwin’s theories and be fascinated by the unique natural beauty of this Pacific region.


This is a island where you can be as laid back (or busy) as you want to be. Where the only fast food is pulled fresh from soil or sea. Time moves slowly here, and the modern world barely intrudes in this place. With only 90 hotel rooms on Niue you will get the chance to escape from every day bustle and enjoy a unique holiday of your lifetime.


Vanuatu has 83 glorious islands that is boasting intact tribal communities, resorts, beaches, and geography from accessible volcanoes to magical tours of its beautiful clear waters that you'll never forget. Discover the ancient art, try some local organic food or send a postcard from the unique underwater post office.


Birthplace of modern surfing and the hula, Hawaii is one of the youngest geological formations in the world. But perhaps Hawaii’s uniqueness is its Aloha Spirit: the friendly people is what complements the Islands’ more. Every island of the archipelago hides its own treasure and offers perfect places for spending amazing holidays.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are the hidden paradise of the small South Pacific Archipelago comprising of around 992 islands. Dive, Surf, Fish, Hike, or Kayak, feel the spirit of adventure and discover something different. This unspoiled region and its exotic culture is the perfect place for adventure travel off the beaten track.

Papua New Guinea

Welcome to the land of mystery. It is a land of vibrant and colorful lost cultures. With more than 600 islands this is the ultimate adventure seekers paradise. And is one trip you need to tick off your list. As many parts of the destination are still undiscovered, exploring the tropical jungle with its unique flora and fauna will be a real adventure.


Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each one offering very distinct and different environments to explore and discover. For it’s the people, culture and nature that give life to these islands. There is a wide range of activities to do under water, by the sea or in the beautiful island interior.

New Caledonia

Surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon and the second largest coral reef, this exciting destination truly is a tropical paradise. And what better place to get a taste of the french than in New Caledonia! Discover the endless beauty of nature while strolling on the beach, along the picturesque lakes or exploring the bush lands.


Adventures are plentiful in these archipelagos, over an area as big as Europe! Home to the black pearls, and signature overwater bungalows, many of the islands are crowned with jagged peaks and surrounded by azure lagoons. With numerous accommodations right by the sea including stunning views to the ocean, Frensh Polynesia will offer you an unforgettable and relaxed honeymoon.

Tropical North Queensland

There aren't many places on Earth where you can stay, sleep and play on one of The 7 Wonders Of The World! Unwind, explore, indulge, escape, rejuvenate.. So many holiday experiences. One fantastic destination. Tropical North Queensland is home to famous Great Barrier Reef and offers memorable water experiences.


Fiji is known for diving, surfing and honeymooning. However, once you touch down on this paradise, you'll discover that white beaches, transparent seas and technicolor coral reefs are just the beginning of Fiji's magic. A mixture of East Indian, Polynesian, Melanesia, Chninese and European culture creates a unique travel experience.

Cook Islands

The charm of these islands is matched only by the friendliness of their people. Experience the soothing qualities of it's oceans and valleys. Escape from reality, unwind in tranquility and immerse yourself in the Cook Islands. Abounded in Polynesian culture and pristine scenery, this place in the South Pacific is a relaxing paradise.

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