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It is Niue where you’ll rediscover what’s lost in this modern world. It is one of the smallest countries on earth and the largest raised coral atoll in the world. This is the place to get away from everything, especially crowds – because there never is any. Ever!

There are less than 90 hotel rooms in Niue, so sometimes the number of visiting whales out-number the visiting humans. Niue is a soft adventure and ecotourism paradise, all in a country four and half times the size of Rarotonga. A quarter of Niue is virgin rainforest, and guided walks will help you explore this safely! You’ll have all the space and time you need to do your own thing, but whatever you choose to do, you won’t have to queue to do it. Niue is one of the world’s safest destinations and is a place where crime is almost unheard of, where anyone can feel totally safe walking around after dark, where personal belongings are respected. Our politically stable tight-knit community affords protection to everyone.

This is a destination very serene to its environment, swim with whales and dolphins. Walk through flocks of butterflies in virgin rainforest. Dive within spectacular underwater cathedrals. Drift beneath avenues of perfumed frangipani. Discover tiny swimming coves teeming with colored fish. Explore the most breathtaking caves in the South Pacific with ease. Gaze upon breaching whales 80 meters from your breakfast table. Snorkel over bright corals in warm tropical water acclaimed as being amongst the clearest in the world. Niue will reveal to you so many things previously trapped in your imagination. Liberate them and discover them in Niue.

The Island

The island’s most striking feature is its rugged and rocky terrain. Steep cliffs along the coastline are honeycombed by caves, chasms and blowholes. Niue prides itself on a forest undisturbed for centuries. It is a nature lover’s delight. With a population of about 1500 people on it, this is one of the smallest and most delightful island nations in the world. Niue is a raised atoll, not a sandy one, so very deep water is just a stone’s throw from land. Game fishing is plentiful, and all manner of big ones await the anglers keen and strong enough to tempt them to strike.


Niue is best from May to October, when temperatures are lower and there’s less rain. April to November is the long dry season, with temperature around 75F (24°C) . Niue has an average annual temperature of 77F (25°C) and a medium humidity that peaks at 88%.

Average Temperate
Summer: 86F maximum (30°C), 69F minimum (21°C)
Winter: 80F maximum (27°C), 64F minimum (18°C)

Average water temperature
Summer: 86F maximum (30ºC) 80F minimum (27°C)
Winter: 80F maximum (27°C) 77F minimum (25°C)

Cool/Dry Season
April – November

Wet/Humid Season
December – March

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