Swimming with Humpback Whales


Comprising of 170 islands amidst 740,000 square miles is the Kingdom of Tonga, perched just east of the International Date Line where some say ‘time stands still’. It is here that you can find a different experience, something unique than what other south pacific islands give. Journey back in time to where there are no crowds, somewhere which feels undiscovered to our world today, that is not just rich in culture but in nature that has been untouched. Encounter a world as nature intended us to see.

Tonga offers a much more superb snorkeling and diving playground for travelers, where there are still vibrant coral reefs, un-spoilt by big resort complexes and modern development. People from all over the world will plan their holiday around Tonga’s marvelous humpback whales that visit Tonga. It is one of only a few places in the world where you are able to swim with Humpback whales.

There are two main groups which are of interest to travelers who visit Tonga, The Ha’apai Group and the Vava’u Group. The Ha’apai Group offers an unhurried atmosphere with deserted stunning white beaches, turquoise waters and only a handful of other tourists. The Vava’u Group offers plenty of fun in the water, this is where the active holiday goers tend to explore with sea kayaking, fishing, surfing and diving available.

Tongatapu Island

Tongatapu Island is where you will most likely start your journey through the Kingdom of Tonga. It is the largest Island where old and new Tonga collides. Nuku’alofi is the capital located on the northern part of the island. Around 70,000 people live on Tongatapu, it is a vibrant introduction to Tonga where organic markets, ferryboats, churches, ancient history and the royal family reside. Before heading off to the outer islands we suggest you explore Tongatapu as you’ll be surprised at what is offered here. Head east and you’ll stumble upon ancient structures in the Pacific – the mysterious Ha’amonga ‘a Maui trilithon, a sort of Stonehenge of the South Pacific. Travel South to the mighty blowholes or west for surf breaks and resorts.

Ha’apai Island Group

Situated across Tonga’s central waters, you’ll find the Ha’apai Island Group, consisting of 62 scattered islands showcasing an idyllic pacific paradise. It is well off the beaten path for visitors but it will make you feel a million miles away. Colorful reefs, atolls, sandy white beaches and volcanic islands are what entice the adventurous traveler. Most visitors will stay within the Lifuka group of islands, found along the eastern side of Ha’apai. These islands include Ha’ano, Nukunamo, Foa, Lfuka, Uoleva, Tatafa and ‘Uiha. Lifuka Island has the main town of Pangai (the island group’s capital) and is home to Ha’apai’s limited activity. Coming Soon…

Vava’u Island Group

The Adventure Hub of Tonga, an azure tropical labyrinth of 61 islands consisting of coral gardens, glorious beaches which host crystal clear lagoons. These northern islands will provide you with a bucketlist of Tongan activities, and from June to November share the warm waters with the gentle giants – Humpback Whales, who come to care for their newly-born calves and breed for another generation. Divers will appreciate the 30 meter visibility and impressive pelagic species located here, don’t forget to explore remote sea caves and shipwrecks too. Coming Soon…

‘Eua Island

‘Eua is the oldest island of the Kingdom of Tonga, the rugged landscape and lush rainforest is an escape like no other for adventure and eco experiences. A simple 8 minute flight from Tongatapu will link you to ‘Eua, the kingdoms southernmost island. For hikers, get ready for an absolute treat! Hiking on ‘Eua Island is fantastic, with well-marked trails criss-crossing the pristine ‘Eua National Park, choose to go on a guided hike or experience it on your own. For divers, one of the highlights here is the Pacific’s largest underwater caverns, with natural light illuminating a huge amphitheater at a depth of almost 30 meters. Coming soon…


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Being situated close to the equator, conditions are almost perpetually hot and humid, the average annual temperature is 26.5°C. Vava’u and the northern islands are noticeably warmer than Tongatapu and ‘Eua, which are noticeably cooler in temperature. The most comfortable time to visit these islands is during the dry season between May and October. The regions wet seasons lasts from November to April, and March being the wettest month.

Tonga unfortunately lies squarely within the South Pacific’s notorious cyclone path, these occur between November and March.

Average Temperature
Summer: 84F maximum (29°C), 70F minimum (21°C)
Winter: 80F maximum (26°C), 65F minimum (18°C)

Average Water Temperature
Summer: 81F maximum (27°C), 74F minimum (23°C)
Winter: 80F maximum (26°C), 74F minimum (23°C)

Cool/Dry Season
May – November

Wet/Humid Season
December – April

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