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Vanuatu is a land of volcanoes and magic, underwater ship wrecks, ancient art and dance, waterfalls and blue-holes, organic foods and a myriad of hidden bays and beaches. The island group consists of 83 islands spread out over a distance of 1300 kilometers. Port Vila is the capital on the island Efate.

There are many fantastic experiences for you to discover. Go abseiling down a waterfall, parasail over the beautiful harbor and snorkel the amazing waters surrounding the islands. Vanuatu is a country full of surprises. You will find the most accessible active volcano in the world on the island of Tanna, there’s a giant Banyan tree the size of a soccer field, there are primitive villages where you can experience the old way of life and you can see cultural ceremonies and dances on the island of Malekula. There are also some great dive locations to be found around the islands of Vanuatu. For something really different send a postcard from the underwater post office. The post office is located at Hideaway Island, three meters under the water surface and divers and snorkelers can post special waterproof postcards from here. The dining in Vanuatu is superb. There are many different dishes to try. Fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and beef is plentiful. Try one of the lovely Melanesian, French, Polynesian, Indian, Chinese, Thai-Vietnamese, English and Japanese restaurants.

If you’re looking for romance than Vanuatu is the place for you. The friendly people, the perfect beaches and the beautiful backdrop of mountains and volcanoes provide the ideal settings for your romantic holiday. Enjoy the easy going life and the spectacular nature, along with peaceful multi-cultural people. You wont regret coming here!

Port Vila

Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu and located on the island Efate. There’s a rugged coastline with stunning beaches. The inland is rough and only accessible by a few hiking trails. This is the island where the new resorts are situated. Vanuatu is said to be the happiest country on earth and when you get off the plane and set foot on Efate, you’ll understand why. This is the place to meet new people. No matter if it’s your first visit or you’ve been here hundreds of times before, you’ll always be greeted like an old friend. 

Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo Island is the second biggest island in Vanuatu, also known as “Santo Island”. The island hosts a lot of adventure activities and experiences to encounter, plus if you’re looking for stunning secluded beaches with less tourists and crowds you’ll find it here. Divers are drawn to Santo by its famous wrecks and spectacular marine life. Just a short flight from Port Vila, you will be able to see amazing blue water swimming holes which are connected by underground caverns and majestic mountains. 


Vanuatu’s main island is renowned for its unspoiled scenery, marine environment, lush forests, hot mineral springs, sparkling lagoons, waterfalls and sandy beaches. The island is home to the nation’s bustling capital, Port Vila. There is a good selection of international-standard accommodation in and around Port Vila, some larger resorts provide kids clubs while others offer ‘child-free’ environments.



Espiritu Santo
This is the archipelago largest island. It has plenty of interests and is renowned as the country’s adventure playground. Among its curiosities and treasures are World War II relics, mountains, dense forests, caves, stunning blue holes, waterfalls and a lot of white sand beaches offering a multitude of water sports and activities. Vatthe and Loru conservation areas are paradisiacal areas for bird and nature lovers. They offer plenty of bush walks to discover. Luganville is a lively and colorful town located on the southeast of the island. It is the country second largest town center as well as the northern capital. It has various lovely restaurants, stores, coffees shops, a few hotels, dive shops as well as groceries. Visitors may appreciate its fishes, fresh products and handcraft market located on Main Street.

Vanuatu largest island, it is where the capital Port Vila is located. Efate is the most touristic island, offering a lot of accommodation, transportation (buses or car hire) activities and services to visitors. It has plenty of natural and cultural marvels to discover such as cascading waterfalls, fresh water rivers, caves, isolated bays, lush tropical forests, hot mineral springs and beautiful lagoons. Its turquoise and clear waters house a fascinating marine life. They are a natural paradise for diving, swimming, snorkeling, sailing or fishing. Many water sports are available all around the island. The capital is renowned for the fine cuisine influenced by the French culture and gastronomy it offers.

With approximately 30 spoken languages, old cannibal sites and some of the best custom dances coming from it, this is Vanuatu’s second largest island and is the most culturally diverse of the country. It is a paradise for travelers seeking for nature and serenity. Norsup’s and Lakatoro are the most important towns in Malekula. They are very functional and are good bases for starting a visit of the island. One of the main interests of the island is the Manbush track, going from the south east coast to the south west coast and constituting a perfect way to discover Malekula treasures.

This is an island for adventurers! It has a large range of accommodation, taxis and care hire companies. Tanna is just a true paradise for nature and adventure lovers. It would be hard to imagine a most beautiful, rich and diverse place. The most popular attraction on this island is Mount Yasur volcano which is known as the safest and most easily accessible in the world. Exploring this active volcano really well worth it, especially in the late afternoon and the early evening when the show of color change, erupting lava and fireworks is just spectacular. The local population lives in a very traditional way and did not lose at all its customs and culture.

This island has a tragic past: after having been named “the martyr island” for some reason in the 19th century, and was exploited for its Sandalwood until it became completely depleted of it. Later, the local population suffered at the hands of infamous Blackbirders, who captured the islanders for work on the Australian and Fijian sugar plantations. The island was finally depopulated because of some diseases and epidemics tragedies. Today, kauris forests are still exploited but some movements are done in order to protect the island environment: the creation of a Kauri Reserve is currently underway. In spite of those problems, Erromago is probably one of the best islands in Vanuatu for trekking and walking. It is a mountainous and mainly forested island which has plenty of trekking routes suitable to different types of travelers.

Bank and Torres
They are Vanuatu northernmost islands. They consist of a group of volcanic islands including active volcanoes. The main islands of the group are Vanua Lava, Gaua and Mota lava and Ra. Vanua Lava, the biggest island has mountains, an active volcano, crocodiles, reefs, rivers, waterfalls and rainforests. Sola is the provincial town of the group and constitutes a good base for exploring the islands. Gaua has a local culture very alive, an active volcano (Mount Garet) which towers over a craterlake at the island interior. Mota Lava and Ra are good places to escape for a few days. They have white sandy beaches and coral reefs as well as a steeping mountain giving magnificent views from its summit. The island is perfect for walking and fishing and basic accommodations are provided. The Torres group, to the far north is the most remote group of the archipelago and has beautiful white sand beaches.

This fantastic island has a lot to offer to adventurers! It is one of the few places of earth where we can see lava lakes. It has a twin volcano (Bendow and Marum) rumbling away and absolutely fascinating to explore. Some walks are available on them. The island, famous for its black magic has some of the best wood carving of the Pacific as well as colorful custom dances including the Rom spirit dance. The population is warmth and welcoming and has a fascinating culture, with spiritual beliefs. Ambrym houses a unique wildlife, mostly endangered and including the endemic Vanuatu Megapode (Namalao), dugongs and turtles. The north coast of the island is great for observing dugongs, large sea turtles or a myriad of colored fish during a snorkeling trip. Visitors may find very basic and simple types of accommodation on the island.

This lovely and peaceful island is close to Port Vila and is well deserved. It has a lot to do and provide various accommodations. Its rugged interior is covered with thick forests and its coast offers sandy coves, beaches and inshore reefs. Agriculture is the island main source of revenue: there are extensive coconut plantations along its west and northeast coasts. Epi has a lot of natural sites to discover: small lakes which are good for swimming and fishing, Lamen Bay which is a fantastic place where visitors may snorkel and swim with friendly dugongs (sea cows). Most of the island accommodations are in Lamen bay.

This island has become world renowned for its land diving ritual, celebrating the yam harvest each year between April and June in the south of the island. It has influenced the invention of the bungy jumping by a New Zealander. Pentecost is mountainous, densely forested and has waterfalls and rivers which are perfect for a dip during the summer. Bushwalking are great on the island. Most visitors come in Pentecost for the ceremony. Basic accommodations are available.

This beautiful island is known as James Michener’s inspiration for the famous book “Tales of the South Pacific”. The island houses a semi active volcano, Mount Lombenben which has three thermally heated crater lakes. Ambae is known for its sand drawing which feature a rose-lake design representing Vanuatu’s national dish.

This narrow volcanic island is rugged with a central mountainous chain. It has great bird watching places as well as many black sand beaches. The population mainly lives on the west coast. Being the rainiest island of the archipelago, Maewo enjoys magnificent waterfalls. This fascinating island is famous for its ancient secret societies. Magic is performed on the island. Men and women have their own traditional tabu dances: women can’t see men and vice versa. Accommodations are very basic on the island.

It is the southernmost inhabited island of the archipelago. This beautiful, mountainous, and jungle-clad island offers great snorkeling sites with live coral reefs. It has white sandy beaches, giant kauris and cascading waterfalls. This lovely and enchanting island had a sad past made of ravages: sandalwood traders devastated it whereas diseases and slavery ravaged the population.


The best time of year is April/May to October when temperatures range from 64F – 82F (18°C-28°C). Light weight casual clothing plus a sweater is usually sufficient. November & December are warm but not generally unpleasantly so. January to March is hot (78F – 93F/26 – 34°C), often wet and prone to cyclones, but being low season it’s also a good time of year to take advantage of travel deals. Sea temperature varies from 71F – 82F (22°C-28°C) making swimming enjoyable all year round.

Average Temperature
Summer: 86F maximum (30°C) 78F minimum (26°C)
Winter: 73F maximum (23°C) 64F minimum (18°C)

Average Water Temperature
Summer: 86F maximum (30°C) 82F minimum (28°C)
Winter: 80F maximum (27°C) 75F minimum (24°C)

Cool/Dry Season
April – September

Wet/Humid Season
October – March

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